Friday, November 25, 2011

christmas list #1: copper cookware

without trying to sound like a know-it-all, i think you to add something to your christmas list: 

some copper cookware for your kitchen.

 i can't decide what i like better about mine: how it makes my kitchen look or how completely and evenly it distributes heat for even cooking. this has seriously revolutionized my culinary life. no more burning in the middle and undercooking on the sides. 

i have recommended several sets below and included several price ranges. functional and gorgeous, all of them will work wonderfully; picking one is only a matter of what your price range is, and how aesthetically pleasing it is to you.

#1- calphalon® tri-ply copper 10-piece cookware set
     this set is a great value. i received this as a gift when it was $1000+ from crate and barrel. now, its is on sale for $449.95! It comes with a lifetime warranty.

this gorgeous set comes from williams-sonoma for $1,399.95, and comes from france.
in my opinion, this set from anthropologie is the most beautiful. it has a hammered copper finish. coming to us from italy, this set is $1098, but only comes with 5 pots and pans as opposed to 6. 

and just a word of warning- you have to take care of your copper cookware! please look at the specific instructions from the manufacturer, but you can expect to:

  • allow pan to cool before washing.
  • hand-wash; dry immediately with a soft cloth.
  • avoid using steel wool, steel scouring pads or harsh detergents.
  • copper will develop a rich patina over time. this will not affect the pan’s cooking performance. to keep the exterior looking new, use a copper polish or a combination of lemon and salt.

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