Sunday, November 27, 2011

christmas list #2: portable turntable

i have a friend that is really so much cooler than me. if she had a blog, i guarantee you'd be reading that one instead of mine right now.

this friend is a master at creating a comfortable, inviting, and warm ambiance that makes you just want to stay, drink tea, and socialize for hours. i have been trying to pinpoint just what makes it that way. it is a number of things that i have identified so far, but i think the quickest way to create a nostalgic environment is some old vinyls being played on a record player. 

after doing some searching, i decided that if i could have a turntable, it would be this one from urban. my place is pretty tiny, and this can be tucked away when it is not in use. plus, it has a USB port, so i can play my ipod if i don't have whatever music i am craving on vinyl.

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