Tuesday, December 27, 2011

ear buds

as a student, having headphones to listen to music whilst studying is a very important thing to me. unfortunately, i lost my only set of earbuds- the ones that come with the iphone. while i am sad about not having headphones anymore, i do not miss these earphones one bit. for one, they don't stay in my tiny ear canal, and two, i saw these golden ones a while back, and can't really see myself wearing plain white ones happily anymore. here's a picture:

i decided i would also be ok with these wooden ones:

now i just need to convince my husband that it's a good idea to spend $50+ on earbuds. maybe i'll just say my success in school depends on it.

what do you think about fancy earbuds? would you wear them, or do you prefer them a bit more plain?


  1. Fancy earbuds look awesome :) Just don't buy anything by Skull Candy. Their ear buds and headphones look great but I went through 3 pairs because they all crapped out on me within a few months. I wound up buying a plain black pair that hooks around my ears so they don't fall off when I work out. Not quite as fancy, but so far so good.

    Cute post :)


  2. I actually think the gold ones are really cool (I hadn't seen anything like either of them). To be honest though I prefer headphones to earphones as they are more comfortable- looking to buy a pair of retro Panasonics!

  3. Oooh those gold ones are so fancy! I like.


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