Wednesday, December 14, 2011

ten easy do-it-yourself christmas gift ideas

at holiday time, there are always so many people that you want to give gifts to. but for many of us and our wallets, it is just not possible to purchase gifts for every one of our friends and family members  i compiled a list of do-it-yourself projects that people would be happy to receive as gifts.

1. homemade granola. put it in a big mason jar. this recipe is delicious and easily customizable.

2. infused alcohol. this is a wonderful idea from emily schuman. she has several flavor combinations that sound delightful.
3. candied nuts. this recipe would be perfect. put them in some decorated papers cones or a mason jar.

4. homemade tea powders. some vanilla chai tea or russian tea would be delicious, and would look great in a mason jar or old tea tins.

5. homemade truffles. these red velvet truffles are incredibly easy and delicious, and these dark chocolate truffles are sure to please.

6. homemade magnets. these poloroid magnets are adorable and sentimental. these marble magnets are easily customizable to suit anyone's interests.

7. homemade lunch bag. these reusable fabric lunch bags are perfect for the students and workers in your life.

8. homemade coasters. these coasters made from tiles, paper, and modge podge are unique and adorable.

9. succulent planters. who doesn't love succulents? apartment therapy has a great tutorial for succulent planters.

10. christmas lights in wine bottles. this tutorial helps you change a regular wine bottle into elegant mood lighting/decor. 


  1. how creative! you just gave me some great ideas for affordable yet thoughtful gifts. thanks!

    love kelly

  2. i love the lights in the wine bottles :) great post! follow each other?


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