Tuesday, December 13, 2011


i love my natural hair color, in that, it is a blank slate basically to color it whatever i want to it. recently, i decided that i love emma stone's hair and was inspired to dye my own red. i adore how it is so vivid and feminine.

 this time around, i was a bit too scared to become a full redhead, and it is really more of a dark auburn shade.

next time, i would like to omit the brown and opt for lighter shade such as one of these:

i am so insanely jealous of girls who have this naturally. what do you think about red hair? what does it take to be able to pull it off?


  1. I like red hair, but could never pull it off. I think you just need confidence!

  2. you should try it! maybe ask a professional to help you pick a shade? if your skin is fair enough i think it's worth a shot :)


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