Monday, December 12, 2011

iphone cases

1. jcrew $35 2. printshop $35 3. society6 $35 4. society6 $35 5. society6 $35
         6. jcrew $25 7. uncommon $39.95 8. jcrew $25
i love the clean, utilitarian design my iphone 4s. if i had the choice, i would probably just leave it naked. however, i am plagued with nightmares of my previous iphone's shattered screen. having broken it 3 days after my warranty expired, i lived with the phone this way for 2 more years as i awaited the arrival of the new iphone. thus, i decided that no case was not an option for me this time around.

these cases eased the pain of covering up my iphone. my everyday case is the faux wooden one. it allows me to dress up my phone without adding the bulk that comes with many cases.

1 comment:

  1. these are so cool! I really need to upgrade to an iphone!


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