Friday, February 3, 2012

Breakfast Burrito Bar

This week, I went back to school to start the Spring semester. I decided to kick it off with some delicious breakfast burritos for my class. Here in California, breakfast burritos are very popular and can easily be made at home.

It has become a sort of tradition in my class to have everyone bring an ingredient or two to make breakfast burritos after our 8 A.M. class. A few of my friends and I prepare everything (i.e. scrambling the eggs, cooking the meat, frying the tater tots) and everything up in our lounge, then put it all on the table to allow everyone to build their own breakfast burrito. To finish it up, each person throws theirs in a panini press for added warmth and crispiness, and we enjoy our burritos together.


Popular combinations include:
  • Chorizo, bacon, cheddar and basically all of the fillings
  • Blue or goat cheese, bacon, avocado and tater tots
  • Ham, cheddar, and tater tots
Even though there are a lot of ingredients, they are all fairly easy to prepare. This is a great option for serving big groups like my class, or for guests that stay at your house for a fun, filling breakfast. Toppings are easily customizable, and can be spiced up by making fillings like grilled onion, or by replacing meat with crumbled veggie burgers. 


  1. mmm, sounds delicious! my university mates' tradition is to have peach rings and gummy bears in the middle of the math class when we can't take it anymore haha!

    love the blog, following you on bloglovin!

    jo from

  2. Oh,that what i like so much! and honey too! thanks for sharing a lot!looks amazing!


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