Monday, February 13, 2012

weekend snapshots

I had a very relaxing weekend. I hope you did too.

On Saturday, I went to Old Town Orange (a cute little nostalgic downtown area in Orange County) and had a lovely lunch outside at a Cuban restaurant, then walked around to antique stores. My tastes have gradually shifted in the past year from antique, shabby chic looking decor to a more modern take, but these stores made me want to go back to my old ways and incorporate antiques and vintage items more. There is just something so charming about having something made in the 1800's in your house!

Here are some pictures from day:

a plethora of antique books

a quilt from the 1800's that looks like it would be in Urban Outfitters today

antique quilts- the detail was amazing, especially considering they were probably sewn by hand. some were over $1500!

vintage spices

vintage coasters just in time for valentine's day. i got them for $1!


  1. Love those coasters! Where in downtown Orange did you find them? I love that cuban restaurant..haven't been there in years! this reminds me to go back..thanks!

    1. Hi Jules!

      I got them from the Assistance League right in the traffic circle. So many good finds there, if you look.

      You should definitely go to Felix again. Still good as ever!


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